Beauty Essentials from Fringoo

Beauty Essentials from Fringoo

Here at Fringoo, we have great gifts for all the family: today we are doing a round-up of our beauty accessories and essentials. These would make a lovely Christmas present for tweens, teens and adults!



Our new shimmering mermaid seashell hairbrushes are such a fun novelty beauty accessory. However, not only are they stylish, they are in fact very practical! Due to their compact size, the brushes can be easily stashed away into a handbag, PE kit, gym bag or school bag for on-the-go styling! Don’t underestimate this little brush though! Our unique brush mechanism with three different lengths of brush bristles has unparalleled detangling and smoothing abilities.

Choose from pink, blue, rose gold, and a pink and blue ombre: or, why not collect the set, or gift a different colour to each of your friends so you can match whilst still showing off your individual flair?


We have a lovely range of large spacious makeup bags designed to suit every style and all tastes: Our lightweight flexible makeup bags have excellent storage capacity of all your beauty essentials! Treat your makeup to a brand new stylish makeup bag that shows off your unique personality. 

Choose from our range of unique, square makeup bags and enjoy the perks of roomy main compartment and the strong structure and high quality finish that will protect and keep your makeup belongings safely together. Not only are they practical, but these makeup bags benefit from having a stylish fashion sense and unique twist. These would make a lovely Christmas present for tweens, teens and adults who like to have fun with their style! 


One of the best beauty essentials you can get is plenty of sleep! With our soft velvety sleep masks it’s easy to ensure you get your beauty sleep and aren’t disturbed or woken up by too much light. These masks cleverly block out the morning sunlight, or the harsh lights you get on trains or planes, so you can sleep anywhere! These super stylish designs feature fun, trendy slogans or glam and glittery cat ears! Treat your eyes to an amazing nights sleep with this helpful beauty essential, or buy one as a Christmas present for any light sleepers you know. 


Another important beauty essential we often forget about is drinking plenty of water! Luckily, Fringoo are always designing with your needs in mind, and have got you covered where that is concerned! We currently have our new stylish drink bottles for girls: make sure you grab them now, because this hugely popular design will sell out fast! In a range of stylish prints and materials designed to fit your busy lifestyle, our drinks bottles ensure that you remember to keep hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. Plus, they’re reusable so you won’t have to keep buying single-use plastic bottles! 


Treat yourself or your loved ones to some of our fun, stylish beauty essentials this year!


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