Marvelously Magnetic- A look at our brand new planners!

Marvelously Magnetic- A look at our brand new planners!

Marvelously Magnetic- A look at our brand new planners!

It's this time of year when school really starts to get serious, and with a while to go until Christmas break, it’s important to keep everything organised and tidy for the rest of term. Our new magnetic planners are just perfect for that! With plenty of space in the 80 page weekly planner, and helpful To-Do list space, it’s never been easier to see everything in one place. 

The adorable sticky notes inside mean that reminders and messages can be that little bit more unique and noticeable, and the rainbow notepad keeps doodles colourful (and out of the school books!). Each design is full of our signature quirkiness, and made to our usual high production standard, so you know that not only can they coordinate with bags, bottles and lunches, they’ll last too! 

Our purple mermaid planner will really make waves! Covered in mystical mermaids and rainbow sea creatures, this one is perfect for a water baby. And if you’re looking for coordination, this one gets along swimmingly with all our purple mermaid items, including customisable pencil cases and bags! 

This pink powerhouse is just right for the girl who has a million hobbies and events to keep track of- packed full of rainbows and chill animal buddies, it has the necessary vibes to make busy days a breeze. To keep on breezing through, match it to our GRL Power bottle, or match it to our girl power gift set instead and really get your aesthetic on point. 

Do you believe in unicorns? We do! This particular unicorn has found herself a flying saucer and she’s brought a whole bunch of friends- brilliant batteries, helpful honeybees and a perfectly pretzeled pupper. If you want a matching set, just have a look at our spectacular selection of unicorn themed goodies!

Blues are banned from this sunny sweet planner- with its rainbow gradient background and personality packed pattern, it's a sassy treat even in the greyest weather. Not only that but it perfectly matches the glittery goodness of our Good Vibes Only drawstring bag, so you can tell the world that dreary just isn’t your style!



Between all these styles there’s sure to be something to carry you through the term in style, no matter what!

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