Fortnite Pyjamas with Durr Burger Beef Boss Motif

by Fringoo
  • FT PYJAMAS: Where we landing boys? These official FT kid pyjamas are the perfect bedtime clothes for your gamer boy or girl. All kids are bound to love any cool gifts relating to their favourite video game. Help them dream of endless Battle Royale victories.
  • BEEF BOSS PYJAMAS DESIGN: Full send into your dream game in these epic black and yellow FT Durr Burger Beef Boss pyjamas. Live all sorts of fantasies doing cool stuff in your pjs. Pack your gamer girls pyjamas for any sleepover for guaranteed sleep time after doing some iconic FT dance moves of course.
  • Cotton
  • 100% COTTON: This short sleeve t shirt and long trousers pyjama set is made with 100% cotton for maximum comfort. They are great boys pyjamas for nightly wear and great for getting cosy under a warm fleece blanket. The comfy fit will have your teenager comfortably sitting with their game console during a lazy Sunday.
  • GIFT SET: It can be difficult to find good teenage boy gifts, so let us help. For the ultimate Christmas gift surprise, hide the pjs in your kids FT backpack. Go outside the box of getting FT figures. Get your kids the ultimate bedroom accessories by getting something they can sleep in every night. No more contemplating on which choice of brother gifts to get this year.
  • OFFICIAL FT MERCHANDISE: After getting Durr Burger Beef Boss pyjamas, explore more of our official merchandise while shopping for FT gifts for boys. Dream of FT toys and limitless V-Bucks riches after receiving the most epic birthday gift! What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and get ready to land in Condo Canyon.