Personalised Drawstring Bag - Peppa Pig

by Fringoo
  • PEPPA PIG PERSONALISED SCHOOL BAG: For kids who love to play all day long watching their favourite Peppa Pig characters, this is the perfect draw string bag to keep with you on your adventures! With a large inside pouch to keep all of your sports or travel essentials, and a vibrant pink Peppa design, and handy lightweight string bag strap, this kids bag is super cute and fun to use.
  • SWIM BAG KIDS WITH NAME LABELS: With plenty of room to keep all of your essential dance bag or football bag kit, this is a drawstring bag that is easy to carry with you wherever you go, as your school bag, travel bag, or for everyday life. Grab and take with you to school, clubs, on holidays, car rides, and on Peppa adventures. With a personalised design and plenty of room, this is a cute bag kids and teenagers will love.
  • PEPPA PIG PINK DESIGN: Always be confident and cool with these super cute personalised bags, featuring your favourite Peppa designs on a vibrant pink material. Pack up all of your favourite Peppa Pig toys for adventures and games with friends, always with your Peppa design drawstring bag.
  • LARGE BACKPACK LIGHTWEIGHT: Never be without your school supplies, and never be without your favourite Peppa accessories, with this Peppa Pig drawstring bag to match your favourite dolls and fit your essential items. Our Peppa bag has a matching notebook, lunch box, pencil case, and water bottle - sold separately - for the ultimate cartoon drawstring girls will love to use.
  • PEPPA PIG GIFTS FOR GIRLS: If you're looking for the perfect gifts for kids who love playing with Peppa Pig toys and games, this is the perfect item for you. This drawstring bag in a Peppa design will become an instant favourite for any boy or girl who loves Peppa, George, and friends. For a PE bag kids will really love, this Peppa design is unbeatable. Check out the Fringoo store for more official Peppa Pig merchandise.