Personalised Pyjama Set - Harry Potter Red-Yellow

by Fringoo
Type: Pyjamas
  • HARRY POTTER PERSONALISED PYJAMAS: Enroll at Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry with your very own set of personalised pyjamas. Join Harry, Ron and Hermione on their adventure through the Triwizard Tournament and take on the dragons to win points for Gryffindor in these comfortable Harry Potter pjs. Show Dumbledore you've got what it takes and start your magical journey today
  • PERSONALISED KIDS PYJAMAS: Just like the sorting hat, your house has been chosen for you - it's Gryffindor. Follow in the footsteps of Godric Gryffindor and show just how brave, courageous and determined you are. These childrens pyjamas can be personalised, with your name displayed proudly in bright yellow, under the Hogwarts logo. Grab your Harry Potter wand and cloak of invisibility and let the games begin
  • Long Sleeve
  • HARRY POTTER CLOTHES: In these cute pyjamas, you'll be ready to chase after the golden snitch in no time! Crafted using 100% cotton, these fantastic girls and boys pyjama sets come with a long sleeved top, with the Hogwarts logo and long bottoms, with an elasticated waist and string tie. The best pjs for boys and girls to get cosy and warm in, perfect for a movie marathon of the Harry Potter box set
  • HARRY POTTER MERCHANDISE: For Harry Potter fanatics, this collection of Harry Potter merch has your name written all over it! it's full of fantastic Potter themed clothing, from their button up Pyjama sets, to their Harry Potter dressing gown collection - this range will have your little one dreaming about Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The age range for this collection starts at age 7 and goes up to age 14
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