Christmas Gift ideas for Teenagers in 2018

Christmas Gift ideas for Teenagers in 2018

Hi everyone, and welcome back to our post series on Christmas gift recommendations! Today we’ll be tackling the challenge of choosing Christmas presents for teenagers. At this age, friends, fashion trends, hobbies and (hopefully) school are the things that matter most. Here at Fringoo we have a wide range of on-trend accessories and stationery just perfect for teens looking to add some flair to their style and stand out from the crowd. 


Does anyone else remember being a teenager, when all you wanted to do was sleep in late? Teenagers have a bad reputation for being lazy, and sleeping in too much, but really teenagers need more sleep than adults! We are starting to recognise the developmental benefits of sleep on the teenage brain, and when they’re working so hard at school, don’t they deserve a little rest?

Why not get them one of our cute sleeping masks, designed to block out any light, and help them get that beauty sleep. 

We also have a brand new product we are just so excited to introduce you to: our reusable collapsible and expandable drinks bottles! Thanks to social media, we are all trying to be more ethically conscious these days, particularly when it comes to reducing plastic.

These new, reusable water bottles are fun, stylish alternative to single-use plastic. These come in a range of cute, on-trend patterns and prints, and can be easily clipped onto a bag, folded up to save space, or attached to a belt for those active days! 

Finally, we have our cute, fun make-up bags! These bags are super spacious, with a variety of funny, on-trend designs. They would make a lovely accessory for any teen girls. We have unicorns, llamas, mermaids, and tons more fun printed designs!


Hope that helped you come up with some great gift ideas for teenagers! Next we’ll be putting together our list of fun present ideas for adults: here at Fringoo we have the perfect gifts for your whole family this Christmas!

Pop back to our blog for more handy tips and tricks for surviving the Christmas season this year!

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