Christmas Holiday Travel Essentials

Christmas Holiday Travel Essentials

This Christmas holiday, I’m sure many of you have long journeys to make, travelling home for Christmas, or taking the kids to see relatives. Or maybe some of you are even ditching the winter weather for a warmer destination abroad: we’re not jealous….we promise!

We’ve put together a handy list of travel essentials from Fringoo, whether you’re packing the kids into the car to visit family, have a long train journey home for Christmas, or you’re jetting off somewhere with your best friends!

Those long car or train journeys with the kids can be tough, and as much fun as you’ll have when you get there, keeping them occupied during the journey can be tricky. 

For those kids who have trouble sleeping while travelling, we have a range of soft plush eye masks with adorable friendly character designs: they help block out the light, ensuring your little one can get some rest during the journey. 

We also have our range of kids lunch bags, so that you can pack up any snacks they may need for those longer trips. We have tons of styles to suit boys and girls, and our toddler lunch bags even make adorable friendly companions to keep the kids entertained.

We also have our reusable, collapsible  silicon drinks bottles coming out soon: These are flexible, compact and compressible, so can easily be tucked away into a bag, or clipped onto a belt or rucksack to make sure they don’t go missing en route.

One of the main travel essentials is a good bag that will hold everything you need while you’re away: we have a range of bags and backpacks for all ages, so your kids can pack and carry everything they need. We have toddler backpacks with fun friendly characters, junior backpacks with cute trendy designs, and our multi compartment backpacks which will allow you to bring everything you need for those longer trips.


Now, for all you lucky people flying off to somewhere sunny, we have some adorable accessories that will allow you to travel in style and comfort.

Firstly, we have our sleep masks designed for teenagers and adults, with cute sassy slogans to ensure nobody bothers you whilst you get your beauty sleep on the plane (until it’s time for food of course!). The soft velvet fabric is super comfortable, and the masks help block out light so you can sleep anywhere. 

We also have some adorable travel pillows perfect for all ages: choose from a trendy flamingo, sassy llama, sleepy sloth, a magical unicorn, or our rainbow and clouds.

If you’re hitting the beach, how about one of our drawstring bags? They’ll be perfect to hold your swimsuit, towel, sunnies and water bottle: seriously, we’re getting envy just writing this!

And finally, we have our fun printed passport holders: such a cute, yet practical accessory designed to keep your passport and your cards safe. We have a variety of designs with fun sassy phrases, with plenty of space for cards inside as well.


We hope you all have wonderful Christmas holidays!

From all of us at Fringoo



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