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Unicorn Stationery and Accessories from Fringoo: the perfect Christmas 2018 gifts for unicorn lovers

Are unicorns your favourite animal? Here at Fringoo, we have a ton of stationery, school supplies and accessories for unicorn-lovers.

For younger kids, we have our fun soft plush unicorn pencil cases. Perfect for those starting school, or for any budding artists! 

Our hardtop pencil cases are also perfect for school-age kids, with a lightweight-yet-sturdy design that will keep all their stationery safe and organised in their bag. We have tons of adorable 3D embossed unicorn designs in a range of styles and colours.


We also have our liquid pencil cases, with sparkling liquid glitter and fun unicorn designs. 

And for those who want something even more lightweight, we have our large soft pencil cases, which are super spacious and come in tons of fun unicorn-themed designs. Parents love our chemistry unicorn print!


For unicorn-lovers on the go, we also have a great selection of travel accessories, including our travel pillows, sleep masks, and spacious multi-compartment backpacks.

Our soft plush unicorn sleep masks with shimmery 3D features are just perfect for kids who are light sleepers, or have trouble napping on long journeys. Pair with one of our friendly unicorn travel pillows, and you’ll be able to sleep anywhere in comfort and style!


Finally, we have our range of fun novelty socks to help add some fun to you or your kids’ wardrobe: our unicorn-theme socks gift box would make a lovely Christmas present for those who love to have fun with fashion! Each box contains a set of three pairs of socks with magical unicorn-themed designs.

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