Adorable Sloth Accessories that would make the perfect fun gifts!

Adorable Sloth Accessories that would make the perfect fun gifts!

Don’t let mermaids and unicorns have all the spotlight! This season it’s also all about llamas and sloths. In our last post, we did a round up of all our latest llama accessories. Today, we’re going to give you a glimpse of all our stylish sloth gift ideas! Don’t forget to check our pinterest for plenty of style and gift inspirations! 


 First of all, we have the perfect back to school presents for anyone who wants their kids to stand out for their fashion sense! Check out our ‘Dream Team’ design, featuring a unicorn, flamingo, llama and sloth! 


Our Dream Team backpacks are super spacious, in order to carry all your little ones’ school essentials. This bag is lightweight and easy for kids to carry due to the comfortable padded straps. 

Our matching Dream Team girls drawstring bag is excellent for use as a PE kit bag, or a travel bag, due to its versatility. 


Complete the set with our Dream Team pencil case: The trendy unicorn, lama, flamingo and sloth characters are placed on such a vivid tropical exterior whilst the baby pink smooth zips will guide you into a spacious, open plan interior.

 And for a brilliant Christmas bargain, why not save 20% when you buy this design as a matching set? 


We also have our liquid glitter dream team pencil case for girls: the unicorn, sloth, flamingo and llama are all rocking different beach accessories and looking trendy as anything. On the reverse side of the children’s pencil case you will find our magical, super slushy liquid thats filled with shiny glitter and cut out doodles. Shake and squeeze as much as you like and explore each doodle through the process. 


Finally, we have our Born To Be Mild pencil case, that can double up as a makeup bag! This product features a friendly sloth design, and would be a perfect gift for kids, tweens, or young teenagers!

Make sure you get in on this fun trend now, and grab yourself some sloth-themed goodies! Or, if you know someone who just adores cute sloths, why not get them some of these fun accessories for Christmas?

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