Trendy Llama Accessories from Fringoo: the perfect 2018 Christmas gift for anyone who loves Llamas!

Trendy Llama Accessories from Fringoo: the perfect 2018 Christmas gift for anyone who loves Llamas!

Mermaids and unicorns are here to stay, but there’s been a new addition to the dream team: llamas! They may be sassier than unicorns, but they’re still every bit as cute, and here at Fringoo we love everything Llama! Don’t forget to check out our pinterest, where we have a board dedicated to llama gift ideas, plus many more!

Since Llama-EVERYTHING appears to be a huge trend hitting the stores this December, we thought we’d do a quick round-up of all our cutest llama accessories. 


Got any long journeys to make this Christmas break? No Prob-llama! We have the most comfortable fun novelty travel pillow to help you sleep anywhere. This fun llama pillow makes a great travel companion for kids who struggle to sleep in cars or trains, and the fun design is sure to get you noticed! This would be the perfect gift for kids who find it difficult to sleep on long journeys.


Since we’re on travel essentials, for anyone who needs a new backpack we have a range of llama-printed bags that would make an ideal holiday bag due to their spacious nature. Pair with one of our awesome, stylish llama drawstring bags to make a stand-out matching set! The drawstring bags would be great as a bag to take to the beach, or as a gym or PE kit. 

Send your kids back to school in style with our bag sets, and shop the sets now for 20% off! 


Another must-have for the new year is our peaceful ‘no drama llama’ sequin notebook, perfect for anyone wanting to start more writing or even a bullet journal in the new year! This lovely llama is so serene and calming. If you hate drama, but love llamas, this is the notebook for you!

The magical colour-change sequins are so much fun for kids, and the stylish llama design will stand out in the classroom. This notebook would make a lovely gift for girls this Christmas.


And finally, we have our sassy llama pencil cases, with ‘I’m a Llama and You’re Not’, or ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ llamacorn. These sassy slogans are extremely fashionable right now, and best of all these versatile pencil cases can double up as makeup bags! 


We hope this post helped you choose some excellent llama themed gifts for anyone in your life who loves to follow trends and of course loves llamas!

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