Introducing our new magical 3D unicorn and llamacorn socks!

Introducing our new magical 3D unicorn and llamacorn socks!


It’s December! Less than one month to go until Christmas, and we are all getting stuck into our important task of Christmas shopping. If you’re looking for gift inspiratin, here at Fringoo we have tons of presents the whole family will love. Check out our Pinterest for more gift ideas, and of course, this blog!

Here at Fringoo we are constantly coming up with new, innovative products to put a smile on your face and bring some joy to your wardrobes! 

We are so excited to introduce our unique new product, 3D winged socks! 

The unicorn trend is here to stay, and in our latest designs it’s only got more magical, with these 3D shimmering iridescent wings. These are sure to be a stand-out, statement accessory: we know how much our customers love to show off the latest trends in the most unique ways, and these socks are just the perfect product to do just that!

Our fun, friendly designs feature a choice of magical creature: the unicorn, or the llamacorn. 

These adorable girls knee high socks will make the perfect fun, quirky statement accessory for any Christmas outfit. 

The sparkly, iridescent wings are made from a lovely shiny fabric that’s super soft, but maintains its shape perfectly. The material of the wings is very flexible, so it won’t get bent or damaged. If you know someone who loves unicorns, llamas, or better yet both, why not get them an unforgettable Christmas present this year?

Here at Fringoo, we love bringing you awesome gifts the whole family will love for Christmas: just check out our blog full of tips and tricks for Christmas shopping, finding gifts, and more! Our designs are kept very trendy and stylish, with fashion-forward youngsters in mind.

 Make sure to keep checking our blog for handy tips and tricks for the holidays!

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