Stand-Out Stationery

Stand-Out Stationery

Here at Fringoo, we understand the importance of personal style: everything we create is designed with your unique kids in mind! We love to create stationery that stands out. 

Why not get your kids some awesome trendy stationery for Christmas, and send them back to school in style for the new year?

Today, we’re doing a round-up of some of our stand-out stationery, starting with our pencil case designs.

Soft Plush Unicorn

Perfect for younger kids, our soft plush unicorn toy pencil cases are the ultimate friendly companion as they learn to draw and write. The interior is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room for pens, pencils and art supplies. This pencil case comes in pink, green, and white.


Hard Top Pencil Cases

Our hard top pencil cases come in a range of designs suitable for a variety of ages from younger kids all the way up to young adults at university and beyond. 

The hard top pencil cases have a tough exterior that protects your stationery while on the go, yet remains nice and lightweight so you don’t have extra weight added to your bag. 

Inside, they have a mesh pocket, interior flap, and space for tons of pens!

Our hard top pencil cases also come in a smaller, thinner version, perfect for when you just need those few stationery essentials and favourite pens. 

Sequin Pencil Cases

Our sequin colour-change hard top pencil cases are brilliant too, they have a magical colour-reversible sequin pattern, that can be changed by brushing the sequins. 


We also have our liquid glitter pencil cases, which are certainly a fun addition to any school supplies! The unique transparent stationery pouch is super roomy and fun to play with. At the back of the children’s pencil case you will find super slushy liquid thats filled with shiny glitter and cut out doodles.

Made of soft transparent PVC fabric it is bound to get you noticed. Each side is different yet linked to the theme. Shake and squeeze as much as you like and explore each doodle through the process. 


Looking for a pencil case you can carry easily from a handle? The soft carry handle makes this a super convenient pencil case! The product benefits from having two large compartments - each accessed through sturdy zippers. The rectangular shape is ideal for longer desk accessories and will cater for large amounts of school essentials as well as makeup products. 


Finally we have our large soft pencil cases, that can easily double up as makeup bags or anything you need! These come in a variety of stylish, trend prints to suit older kids, tweens, teens and adults! 

Here at Fringoo we are constantly designing with the needs of our customers in mind. We love introducing you to new products from our innovative range, so you can choose stationery that stands out!

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