Christmas gift ideas for toddlers in 2018

Christmas gift ideas for toddlers in 2018

Christmas gift guide, shop with Fringoo this Christmas!

Good morning everyone! We’d like to continue our Christmas tips and tricks blog series with a guide on choosing presents for the littlest ones in our lives. At this age our little ones are developing their personalities, tastes and preferences-does anyone know a toddler who isn’t opinionated about what they do and don’t like? Here we've put together selection of Christmas gift ideas that toddlers are guaranteed to love!

Toddlers are learning about the world every day, discovering who they are and what their interests will be. Hands up who had a ‘dinosaurs’ phase, anyone? 

This Christmas, you can help nurture their interests and share in their enthusiasm for their hobbies: we have products and designs to suit every boy and girl!

For toddlers always on the go: do you know a little one who just can’t stay still? Perhaps you have a budding explorer, or a little sports enthusiast? Why not gift them one of our toddler backpacks?

They’re super lightweight and portable, and shaped in the style of an adorable fun character, so your little one will have a new best buddy to take with them on their adventures!

Choose from an adorable kitty, a wise owl, a magical unicorn, or a happy pug. And for the braver among you, how about a friendly red or green dinosaur, or a swashbuckling pirate?

Our bags are super lightweight, durable neoprene: making them easy for kids to carry, and busy parents to clean. The straps on the backpacks are padded for comfortable wear, and the material is BPA-free and phthalate-free, for comfort and safety. 

The backpacks are large enough to fit snacks, drinks, and any new favourite toys and gifts!

We also have toddler lunch bags, perfect for those family outings or long journeys to visit relatives over the Christmas holidays! The cute, friendly companions on our bags will keep kids entertained on road trips or transport, and you can fill them with plenty of drinks and snacks for the road. I don’t know about you, but for me anything that can keep the kids occupied on those long journeys is a godsend! Think of it as a gift for yourself, as well as your little ones.

We also have toddler drinks bottles available in a range of fun, creative designs. The bright, fun designs will ensure your kids will remember to stay hydrated whilst standing out from the crowd! Just perfect for those family outings.

Choose from a mermaid, unicorn or dinosaur design! These would make an excellent gift on their own, or alongside our toddler backpacks and lunch bags!

We even do matching sets for all our toddler bags, containing a backpack, lunch bag, and drinks bottle, with 20% off


Perhaps you have a little budding artist in the family? Why not bring a little magic to your kids’ creative endeavours, with one of our super cute plush unicorn pencil cases? Help them keep all their pens, pencils and crayons organised in one place, by making tidying up fun! Such a cute, must-have accessory for nursery, as your kids are starting to learn to write, draw and express themselves. Choose from a variety of rainbow pastel designs, with 3D fluffy and iridescent details. Made to suit all ages, boys or girls, this would make a lovely unique present for any unicorn lover!

We hope this post helped give you some inspiration for gift ideas this holiday season! Keep watching our blog for more handy tips, tricks, and present ideas. Next, we’ll be sharing some gift ideas for kids, tweens, teens and adults: here at Fringoo we have a range of gifts designed to suit every style and age group. Christmas shopping this year couldn’t be easier!

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